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Attorneys To Help With Your Bankruptcy And Divorce

Despite people’s best hopes and dreams, marriages don’t always last. If your divorce appears inevitable, you should be aware that in Florida, family debt is considered marital “property” just as much as the house and other assets. Filing for bankruptcy is often the best option for eliminating marital debt before you file. Notably, divorce settlements are nondischargeable under the Bankruptcy Code. This means that if a divorce settlement is reached prior to filing for bankruptcy, it must be paid, regardless of your other circumstances. This may affect your ability to meet the payment obligations created by Chapter 13 restructuring.

Get A Fresh Start From Debt Before You Get A Fresh Start From Divorce

At The Day Law Office, in Spring Hill, Florida, we offer compassionate legal assistance for individuals filing for divorce and needing bankruptcy services. Our goal is to listen carefully and compassionately to your concerns and help identify solutions.

Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers

Our firm is a unique combination of debt relief* law, Florida family law, and wills and probate law. Our attorneys understand that divorce and bankruptcy are two of the most difficult times in anyone’s life and we know that all too often, the two go hand in hand.

Timing is critical. For this reason, and others, it is very important that your bankruptcy attorney understands the intricacies of how divorce and bankruptcy affect each other, to avoid creating additional difficulties.

Should I File Before, During Or After Divorce?

From our office in Spring Hill, we discuss questions about divorce and bankruptcy every day from people in Hernando County. If you are concerned about your marital debt situation heading into divorce, it is best to call us to schedule a consultation for bankruptcy with one of our attorneys. We are here to focus on meeting your individual needs and providing the attention and responsiveness you deserve. We understand that customer service is often just as important to you as skilled and experienced representation. We proudly offer the best of both worlds.

Contact Us

Call our offices at 888-326-9553 or send us the email contact form with a brief explanation of your situation. We will schedule an opportunity to discuss your divorce and bankruptcy as soon as possible.

*We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.