Shared parenting may be the future of divorce

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When many Florida residents think of divorce, lengthy court procedures commonly come to mind. As for divorcing spouses with children, these procedures can become even more of a challenge. Often, judges have difficulty determining a child’s best interest, or those divorcing simply cannot come to a mutual agreement. Yet legal procedures are changing to better fit the needs of families involved, as there could be room for change regarding parents, their children and the types of custody they are granted. 

The Miami Herald released an article last year that spoke of potential change in the realm of divorce and child custody. With the passing of a bill that would require judges to presume that it is best for children to split time equally among parents, judges in the coming months could have little say over the final verdict of custody. Furthermore, the new bill would require judges to issue a detailed order if families are found neglecting this rule. Many officials claim that this new rule could help children better decide their own interests, but those opposing the bill argue that there is not sufficient data to prove that splitting time evenly between parents results in a better gauge of a child’s interest.


The Daily Caller sides with the Herald in terms of the many benefits shared parenting can bring to a divorced family. Drawing from over 50 research studies from numerous countries, the Caller adds that children having split time between parents have generally healthier lives than those in the sole custody of one parent. In recent years, almost half of the country has favored the changes mentioned in the aforementioned article; further research shows that sole custody often has devastating results of higher rates of juvenile delinquency, homelessness and other issues. And while Florida’s proposed bill did not pass, the Caller predicts that more states will adopt the process in the future.