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October 2017 Archives

What is included in a parenting plan

When Florida residents decide upon a child custody agreement, much more goes into it than simply deciding legal and physical custody. While Florida is compliant with guidelines found in The Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act handed down by the U.S. Department of Justice, there is much more that is left to the state to rule on when deciding upon the best interests of the minor or minors.

Resolution approaching for boys abducted to Brazil

Child custody cases involving divorced parents still living in Hernando County can be complicated; imagine how much more so they can be when they stretch across borders. While parents involved in custody disputes may be legally obligated to stay put until their cases are settled, that may not stop some of them from fleeing with their kids. The further they flee, the more difficult it may be for the parents who remain behind to get their kids back. Suddenly, child custody issues may be intertwined with immigration laws, which may only serve to further complicate matters. 

Child support payments and florida law

Despite the fact that Florida is home to countless happy spouses, divorce can become a reality of any marriage. Differences in lifestyles, income and philosophies often have a hand in a dissolving bond. While these preferences can clearly make marriage difficult, children are a common focus in such trying situations. In many cases, one parent is left primarily caring for a child when the other parent refuses to cooperate with child custody plans. 

Will you have to pay the estate tax?

Ask anyone in Hernando County what inevitabilities there are in life, and you will likely get the same two answers every time: Death and taxes. Sadly, those two things are often linked. You work your entire life in order to accumulate assets that you one day hope to pass on to your surviving spouse and/or children. Imagine having to dedicate a significant portion of those assets to paying a hefty tax bill. Having to do so may result in there being much less than you were anticipating being able to leave to your beneficiaries. 

3 reasons to consider a living will

No one wants to spend much time thinking about the end of his or her life, but you should seriously consider getting a living will. A living will can lay out your medical wishes if you get sick or in an accident that leaves you in a vegetative state. For example, it can specify whether you want your family to keep you alive via artificial respiration or not.

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