Recovering from the mental exhaustion of divorce

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Divorce is seldom a light topic, especially in regards to the toll it can take on those involved. Mental health often falls to the wayside while spouses tend to legal matters; as a result, anxiety, depression and burnout become constant reminders that life is not what it once was. It can be difficult to pinpoint psychological issues amidst months of paperwork and compromising, but there are signs Floridians can remain aware of when going through the mental and physical toils of divorce.

It is clear that divorce is common–so common that society can ultimately ignore psychological needs altogether. The American Psychological Association acknowledges this widespread issue that affects a large part of the population, as more than 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce by the 5-year mark. Using this data from the government’s National Survey of Family Growth, the APA goes on to say that, with enough cooperation and mediation, healthy divorces are possible. Furthermore, the APA references research that shows that individuals who practice self-care and self-love experience less stress when managing the challenges of divorce.   

Mental Health America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those living with mental illness, also weighs in on the stress expected in most divorce situations. Much like the APA, MHA encourages those going through separation or divorce to carefully listen to personal needs. MHA also notes that support groups across the nation specialize in helping individuals regain life’s joys after traumatic events such as divorce; in cases where children are involved, the organization places emphasis on routines and other aspects of stability. While it may take time to put the pieces back together, listening to personal mental needs and the needs of children are key essentials in moving forward in life.