January starts the divorce season

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From mid November through New Year’s Day, most people in Florida become very wrapped up in the holiday season. This also generally entails many family get-togethers and other celebrations associated with memories, emotions and hopes for the future. For couples who find themselves struggling in their marriages, this time of year can be a chance to see if they can fix their problems or it may be a time when they choose to gut through and discuss their options for a split once it is all over.

According to Market Watch, many take the latter approach as divorce filings start to jump in January. Those spouses who chose to hold their families together during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other times now feel freed up to move on. Making this choice at the start of the calendar year may also give on a sense of a more clean financial break from a tax perspective.

Business Insider confirms that divorce filings are higher in January than in the prior month but adds that these filings continue to increase in February and even into March. This may reflect the fact that many people spend January investigating their options and trying to get a sense of what their lives would look like after they get divorced.

Understanding the financial impact of a divorce and learning when they might actually get to have time to spend with their children can make a big difference in making the final choice to file for divorce or to stay married.