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March 2018 Archives

What kind of records should I have for a divorce?

It may be typical of Hernando County marriages to have one spouse handle all the finances; traditionally, it has been the husband's role. Unfortunately, this puts wives at a disadvantage should yours be among the 50 percent of all U.S. marriages that don't survive. In marriage and divorce, it is crucial for women to take an active role in the household finances.

Does "equitable" mean "equal?"

As you prepare for your divorce in Hernando County, there are many who may tell you that you are entitled to exactly half of all your marital assets. They have good reason to believe so; after all, per Section 61.075 of the Florida State Statutes, the state does follow the model of equitable distribution when dividing property during divorce. Like many, you may use the words "equitable" and "equal" interchangeably. However, the exact definition of "equitable" is "fair and impartial," not necessarily equal. 

Understanding the role of the personal representative

You may not be able to fully understand it now, but your loved one who recently died in Hernando County may have left quite a mess for you to deal with (particularly if he or she asked you to be the personal representative for his or her estate). People are often encouraged to entrust such a responsibility to those they can trust and that they feel are capable of fulfilling the task (hence your appointment). Yet if your experience in estate matters is lacking, you may quickly feel overwhelmed. Many in your same position have come to us here at Day Law with one simple question: What do I do? 

Getting divorced in Florida

"I want a divorce." Those words have been uttered by many who have come to see us here at The Day Law Firm. Most arrive thinking that everything after making that decision is a mere matter of formalities to be dealt with until they achieve what they are after. If you share the same assumptions, you might be somewhat discouraged to learn that it is not always that simple. While the law does not want to force you into staying in a marriage in which you are not happy, it does also recognizes that there may be situations where it is viewed as being best for all involved to encourage reconciliation. 

The reality of student loan debt in america

Loan debt has become the new normal for millions of students across the nation. Struggling to keep up with monthly rent payments, bills and basic necessities, countless young Floridians have become a point of concern among lawmakers and economic experts. While some graduates are able to financially recover after graduation, others are met with challenges for years to come. Will the state of student loan debt see change in the near future? 

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