Divorce and mental health

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For Floridians going through divorce, it can be difficult to spot the light at the end of a tunnel. It may take months — and even years — to notice that the closing of one door has resulted in the opening of many others. Regardless of the stage, divorce can have a number of different effects on family members. If children are in the picture, they can become the sole focus; while caring for each family member is important, maintaining self-care and preserving mental health should be a priority for everyone involved. 

Keeping a close eye on every family member after a separation can, needless to say, become exhausting. As explained in an article from Psychology Today, emotions can seem all the more raw in the weeks and months that follow a divorce; as a result, it is all the more important that ex-spouses address feelings directly. By communicating about the stressors of the process, families can take a reflective approach to understanding complex feelings. 

On the other hand, reliving negative situations can prove harmful. Psychology Today adds that focusing on the “whys” rather than the “whats” can make all the difference. Another way to overcome negative emotions is by placing great importance on the future. The immediate present may seem to consume everyone, but looking to brighter times can help minimize mental anguish.  

As U.S. News shared in a piece on family separation, almost half of all marriages in the country end in divorce. Despite the fact that this family dynamic has become the new normal, millions of children struggle to cope with new lives. Because a divorce inevitably disrupts regular routines, it is vital that parents provide proper answers to questions. And although the mental effects of divorce (such as anxiety and depression) typically falter within a year, Psychology Today also shares that therapy may be a necessary strategy for some children. By the same token, anyone jumping over the difficult obstacles of divorce could make the process smoother by prioritizing mental health.