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May 2018 Archives

Defining the different types of power of attorney

Few people i Hernando County want to think about dying, yet even fewer likely want to consider what might happen should they become incapacitated. Not having any written documentation stipulating who one wants to endow with decision-making privileges should he or she ever lose the power to do so can be just as risky as dying without a will, except that in the former scenario, there are no laws in place to help make up for one's lack of planning. 

Relocating with your kids after your divorce

After your divorce, the things and places that you see in Hernando County may only serve to remind you of a previous chapter of your life that you now would like to move past. You may find that the best way to help you progress into the next stage of your life is to relocate. That becomes more difficult, however, if you and your ex-spouse share children together. Many have come to us here at Day Law in your same situation. Like them, you may be pleased to learn that the law does allow you to relocate (with your children) following your divorce. 

"American Chopper" star working his way through Chapter 13

A common misconception that many in Hernando County may have regarding personal bankruptcy is that those facing it cannot hide their financial struggles, making it surprising to no one when news surfaces that they are seeking such protection. Yet were one to peel back the proverbial curtain on the personal financial situation of those in his or her own town or neighborhood, he or she might be shocked to see two things: how many people are actually struggling with debt and how good they are at hiding it. 

Verifying death in Florida

While many in Hernando County may view the probate process as being extremely complex, there is likely one aspect of it that most would likely agree is fairly straightforward: For it to begin, one has to be dead. The idea of proving that someone is indeed dead may seem odd to some, but when dealing with the potential dispersal of an estate, it is a necessary step. 

What you should know about filing for bankruptcy in Florida

Following the financial crisis, bankruptcy filings rose, and many people turned to bankruptcy for a fresh financial start. Contrary to popular belief that bankruptcy will ruin your financial future, the truth is that in many cases, filing for bankruptcy is the best thing you can do to start improving your finances.

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