Relocating with your kids after your divorce

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After your divorce, the things and places that you see in Hernando County may only serve to remind you of a previous chapter of your life that you now would like to move past. You may find that the best way to help you progress into the next stage of your life is to relocate. That becomes more difficult, however, if you and your ex-spouse share children together. Many have come to us here at The Day Law Office in your same situation. Like them, you may be pleased to learn that the law does allow you to relocate (with your children) following your divorce. 

Understand, however, that certain procedures must be followed. The first (and best) step to take is to contact your ex-spouse and try to come up with an amiable agreement on your own. If you cannot, the Section 61.13001(3) of the Florida state statutes says that you must file a petition to relocate. Such a petition should include: 

  • Where you plan to move to (including your new address and telephone number, if you already have them)
  • When you plan to move 
  • Why you want to move (if it is for a new career opportunity, a copy of your new job offer should be attached)
  • A proposal for a new custody or visitation schedule that will your ex-spouse the same amount of time he or she currently has with the kids

Also included in the petition should be a statement informing your ex-spouse of his or her right to object to the move (he or she must formally do so within 20 days of receiving the petition). Be prepared to justify your reasons for relocating if he or she chooses to challenge it. More information on parental relocation can be found by continuing to explore our site.