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June 2018 Archives

How can I create a living will?

Among other estate planning documents, living wills are essential. Whereas a conventional will dictates what you’d like done with your assets and property, a living will specifies what kind of end-of-life care you would prefer. The Mayo Clinic explains what living wills can do and why they are so important in the estate planning process.

How to Bounce Back After Bankruptcy

For people in Hernando County facing a rising tide of debt, filing for bankruptcy may be the best option. However, once the smoke clears you may be wondering how you can bounce back from filing and begin to take steps towards repairing your credit. offers insight into the many ways you can bounce back from bankruptcy, which is crucial for preventing future financial issues from occurring.

Tips on Coping With Divorce

For divorcing couples in Florida, handling the practical aspects might be just the tip of the iceberg. Coping with the emotional effects of divorce can be far more challenging for some people and can even get in the way of making reasonable decisions for both you as well as your family. Because it can be a stressful time for all involved, Psychology Today offers the following advice to people reeling in the aftermath of a divorce.

What is summary administration?

It is never easy having to work your way through dealing with the death of a loved one in Hernando County. It may seem drawn out even further with the administration of his or her estate. Ideally, you and the others or she was closest to would like to have it wrapped up as quickly as possible. Of course, that is an impossibility given the slow pace of the probate process. Or is it? 

Does Florida afford grandparent visitation rights?

Your grandkids no doubt play a major part of your life in Hernando County. Yet what happens when your biological link to them (their parents, your children) is severed? You no doubt would want to remain a part of their lives. The question is does the law afford you that right? 

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