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July 2018 Archives

What happens if I don’t have a will?

Some people in Florida believe that they don’t have enough assets to warrant the creation of a will. While some people can actually get away without any estate plan at all, the fact remains that most people should look into wills and trusts to ensure their estates are well-taken care of after they’re gone. The Huffington Post explains just what can occur if you don’t have an estate plan in place upon your demise.

Will Chapter 7 discharge your recent credit card debt?

If your Florida credit card debt is so out of hand that you face bankruptcy as your only way out of overwhelming debt, you should stop using your credit cards once you make the decision to file for it. As you likely know, Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges virtually all of your consumer debt, including your credit card debt. However, it may not discharge the credit card debts you incur within 90 days of filing.

Will you have to pay manimony when you divorce?

If you are a woman with a high-paying Florida job, be aware that women are not the only ones who receive spousal support when they divorce. Men likewise sometimes get it. That is why alimony now goes by the name of spousal support. Actually, there is a nickname for when women pay spousal support to their ex-husbands: manimony

Tips on talking to your children about divorce

Parents in Hernando County often struggle with telling their children about impending divorce. Doing so in the correct manner is crucial however, for both preserving the well-being of your child as well as ensuring he or she maintains a healthy and loving relationship with your ex. offers the following advice in this case, which is highly useful to parents when breaking the news to their kids.

Is it possible to remove a lien with bankruptcy?

Many Florida homeowners take out second, third and even fourth mortgages against their property in order to finance repairs, education or other major expenses. However, as you are probably aware, there are risks associated with this practice. What seems like a manageable leverage strategy at first has the potential to take a turn for the worse if the situation changes. 

Proving your ex-spouse is in a supportive relationship

Many in Hernando County might view you having to pay alimony to your ex-spouse as some form of punishment. Yet you may be fine with paying it provided that it helps him or her remain financially stable. Plus, you understand that if and when he or she remarries, your obligation will end. Yet what if he or she enters into a relationship yet fails to remarry just so he or she can keep receiving alimony? Such a scenario has faced many of those that we here at Day Law have worked with in the past. 

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