Tips on talking to your children about divorce

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Parents in Hernando County often struggle with telling their children about impending divorce. Doing so in the correct manner is crucial however, for both preserving the well-being of your child as well as ensuring he or she maintains a healthy and loving relationship with your ex. offers the following advice in this case, which is highly useful to parents when breaking the news to their kids.

Emphasize Security

Many kids experience worries about security when first hearing about their parents’ divorce. Emphasizing that they’ll continue to be safe and secure is important in this case, and you can do so by making some salient points. First and foremost, express that both you and your ex still love your child the same and will continue to do so. You should also make sure your child knows that he or she bears no responsibility for what occurred. Be honest when talking with your kids but try to deliver information sensitively.

Address Practical Concerns

Once the news has been delivered, the next step is to address issues related to moving homes or other practical concerns. In most cases it’s best to keep routines as they have been, as this will offer stability to kids. If a move is on the horizon, you want to make sure your child is fully informed as to the times and dates it’s occurring.  When providing this information, be sure to do in a supportive and loving manner.

Tailor Responses to Your Child

All children will respond differently to the news. Older kids may be less surprised and handle the information more maturely. With younger kids you may need to be more delicate with how you communicate what is happening, especially if they react with great distress. While it’s important to be honest, refrain from providing too much detail. Your kids don’t need to know the specifics of why your marriage failed, only that the family dynamic will be altered in the coming months.