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What are the different types of heirs?

You have likely been told more than once that the time to start your estate planning is now. One of the main reasons behind this advice is to the ensure that you retain control over who in Hernando County benefits from your estate. Typically, your beneficiaries will...

What about my pets after I die?

Like other responsible Floridians, you have a solid will or trust in place to protect your assets in case you become incapacitated, and to give your loved ones a respectable inheritance. However, you didn’t think to include Spot in your will. Your daughter and...

Understanding the automatic stay

A common misconception that many in Hernando Count have regarding bankruptcy is that it is just an easy way for you to not have to pay your bills. We here at have even spoken with potential clients who have been told that through a...

What about your kids?

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that estate planning on applies to how your assets and property will be dispersed amongst your beneficiaries in Hernando County once you are gone. In reality, there are many more facets to it that you need to consider...