How can I handle a contentious divorce?

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While divorce is rarely easy for couples in Florida, in some cases it can be extremely contentious. When marriages end because of infidelity or financial dishonesty, it can be hard for both parties to move on in a healthy manner. Psychology Today offers the following advice in this case, which can help you deal with the stress of a toxic divorce.

Find the right legal help

Some attorneys specialize in especially volatile divorces. This is important for setting up things like visitation, which can actually be used against the other parent in an adversarial way. The right attorney will be able to anticipate issues like this based on past experience, which can help mitigate conflict going forward.

Take care of yourself

It’s also important to keep self-care in mind. You’re sure to experience a wide range of negative emotions as a result of your divorce, and these emotions can impact your physical and emotional health. Be sure to take time for yourself, whether that entails spending time with friends, picking up a hobby, or focusing on health and fitness. These activities can be a welcome respite from the stress of everyday life, which will only become more damaging when dealing with a contentious divorce.

Keep financial matters in mind

You also want to consider the impact of financial decisions. Dividing assets and properties are rarely ever straightforward. If you’re dealing with hidden assets or high-value property, chances are your ex isn’t going to relinquish control easily. You can appoint a trustee in this case, which is an impartial third party who will inventory assets and make determination on who gets what.