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November 2018 Archives

Common financial scams aimed at the elderly

You may already know that many types of scams exist with the goal of separating hard-working people from their money. Some of the worst financial abuse ploys out there are those that target senior citizens and mentally vulnerable people in Florida and elsewhere. You may think that your parents are smart enough not to fall prey to one of these scams, but unfortunately, financial abuse tactics are getting more sophisticated and difficult to identify. Many senior citizens are also at risk of age-related cognitive disorders that can make them open to the manipulation of a con artist.

Understanding the disadvantages of permanent alimony

Divorcing couples in Florida often find themselves in a panic when they realize that they are now responsible for financing their expenses on their own without the help of their spouse. In many cases, courts require that alimony is paid in situations where a spouse spent considerable time at home raising children, is disabled or has not received an education. Depending on the situation and the negotiations that take place, this requirement for one person to pay each month for a portion of the other person's expenses may be temporary or it may be permanent. 

Stopping foreclosure with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Most in Hernando County may assume that when one files for bankruptcy, their debts are discharged and they are no longer required to pay for them. This is indeed what happens in a Chapter 7 case, and there is good reason behind this popular assumption; indeed, according to information compiled by the American Bankruptcy Institute, 63.72 percent of all non-commercial bankruptcy filings in the second quarter of 2018 were Chapter 7 cases. Yet people have another option to consider when filing for personal bankruptcy: Chapter 13. This type of bankruptcy is often referred to as a "wage earner bankruptcy" in that filers are still required to pay their debts back over time. 

Divorce during a midlife crisis

With respect to divorce, a midlife crisis may have an impact on this decision and a person’s experience in many ways. For example, some people may decide to end their marriage as a direct result of a midlife crisis they are going through and certain realizations or changes of heart that have arisen due to this difficult time in life. For others, divorce may bring on such a crisis. For example, someone may find themselves in this position after their spouse announced unexpectedly that they were filing for divorce.

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