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January 2019 Archives

Revoking the probate of a will

The process of estate administration in Hernando County can be quite complex. Because of this, beneficiaries or other interested parties to an estate will want to time to research any and all estate planning instruments to fully understand the testator's intentions. At the same time, the personal representative may be anxious to initiate the probate process in order to avoid delays and additional expenses that could deplete the estate's overall value. This sense of urgency may prompt some to submit the estate to probate prior to all of the aforementioned concerns being addressed. 

What can a power of attorney really do?

When it comes to planning for your future care, designating someone as power of attorney may seem like a difficult choice. First off, what can a power of attorney do? Does it mean you give up all your rights to the person you designate?

Couple finalizes divorce via social media app

The concepts of marriage and divorce in Hernando County remain the same; it may instead be the complications that couples experience that have changed. As technology essentially makes the world smaller, people are allowed to engage with each other socially in ways totally different than those witnessed 50, 25 or even 10 years ago. Should it come as a shock, then, that divorce proceedings have also been affected by technology. Where legal requirements used to slow proceedings down due to limited access to records, lack of electronic resources and even participant availability, new technologies may actually serve to facilitate cases being resolved more quickly. 

How can I address student loan debt?

For recent graduates in Florida, student loan debt can seem overwhelming. Entry-level positions, which are common post-graduation, may not always provide a sufficient level of pay. As a result, chipping away at debt may seem like an uphill battle, which can be very disheartening. In this case, Forbes offers the following advice.

What is a codicil?

If you have heeded the advice of estate planning experts in Hernando County, then you have likely already drafted your will. Yet there is indeed one issue that creating a will early on in your life presents: what happens as your material and/or familial circumstances change? They are almost certainly going to, and the odds are that those changes will influence your decisions regarding how you want your assets dispersed. Does this mean that you need to create an entirely new will? 

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