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February 2019 Archives

The basics of trusts

People in Florida who want to understand their options when it comes to estate planning should know that a will is far from the only type of tool that may benefit them. For many people, the use of a trust can be a beneficial asset in protecting their estate and controlling what happens to their assets. However, it is important to understand the various types of trusts available in order to select the best one for a situation.

Prevent domestic violence with an order of protection

We at The Day Law Office in Florida recognize that no one has the right to abuse you either physically, mentally or emotionally, not even if they are a family member, spouse or significant other. If you have received abusive treatment, or if you feel that you are under imminent threat of receiving it, you may qualify to file a restraining order for domestic violence. 

Splitting up or paying off debt when you divorce

Couples in Florida who get separated and plan to divorce know they will have to go through the process of splitting up their assets. In addition, they will also have to decide how to split up any joint debt. This may not always be an easy task, especially if the couple may be in need of serious debt relief help such as via a bankruptcy. Understanding how debt is viewed during and after a divorce is important prior to making any final decisions.

Dividing retirement assets during divorce

You work hard to fulfill your work-related responsibilities in Hernando County. For the most part, that effort is individual. Thus, you likely understand the surprise that many of those who come to see us here at the Day Law Office display when they learn that their work-sponsored retirement plans are considered marital property (and therefore subject to property division during divorce proceedings). If the funds placed into a retirement plan are only available due to your own efforts, why then would your soon-to-be ex-spouse have any claim to them? 

Is your ex-spouse a Disneyland parent?

If you have children with your ex-spouse, then your divorce in Hernando County is hardly the end of your association. You must continue to work together in the raising of your kids. When parents divorce, the temptation is ever-present to be known as "the fun parent." While you want your children to enjoy their time with you, order and discipline also must be maintained. If you are finding that you are the one enforcing rules and expectations while you ex-spouse lets your kids do whatever they want during their custody time, then you have a "Disneyland Parent" on your hands. 

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