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The basics of trusts

People in Florida who want to understand their options when it comes to estate planning should know that a will is far from the only type of tool that may benefit them. For many people, the use of a trust can be a beneficial asset in protecting their estate and...

3 tips for negotiating debt repayment with creditors

When over your head in debt, the first solution that may come to your mind is filing for bankruptcy. Doing so can protect your property, stop creditor harassment and help you start over. However, it is not the only option available. Depending on the type of debt...

Splitting up or paying off debt when you divorce

Couples in Florida who get separated and plan to divorce know they will have to go through the process of splitting up their assets. In addition, they will also have to decide how to split up any joint debt. This may not always be an easy task, especially if the...

Is your ex-spouse a Disneyland parent?

If you have children with your ex-spouse, then your divorce in Hernando County is hardly the end of your association. You must continue to work together in the raising of your kids. When parents divorce, the temptation is ever-present to be known as "the fun parent."...