Is your ex-spouse a Disneyland parent?

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If you have children with your ex-spouse, then your divorce in Hernando County is hardly the end of your association. You must continue to work together in the raising of your kids. When parents divorce, the temptation is ever-present to be known as “the fun parent.” While you want your children to enjoy their time with you, order and discipline also must be maintained. If you are finding that you are the one enforcing rules and expectations while you ex-spouse lets your kids do whatever they want during their custody time, then you have a “Disneyland Parent” on your hands. 

The term “Disneyland Parent” is assigned to those divorced parents that make their custodial time all about having fun. When with a Disneyland Parent, the kids are taken on trips, given gifts and not asked to obey any household rules. Oftentimes, the motives for parents who allow this goes beyond simply wanting their kids to enjoy their time together; they also might be trying to undermine the authority of the other parent. 

If this describes your situation, then the frustrations you feel over your children’s lack of discipline and authority is understandable. Such concerns should be addressed with your ex-spouse. If they prove to be unreceptive to what you tell them, the website lists the following as steps you might take to address the situation: 

  • Avoid showing your frustrations to your children
  • Maintain structure in your own home
  • Offer the kids incentives for acting responsibly when they are with your ex-spouse

Ultimately, family relationship experts recognize that Disneyland parenting is unsuccessful. Your ex-spouse comes to be view by your kids as a friend more than a parent, making it more likely that they will come to you with their important issues as they mature.