Prevent domestic violence with an order of protection

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We at The Day Law Office in Florida recognize that no one has the right to abuse you either physically, mentally or emotionally, not even if they are a family member, spouse or significant other. If you have received abusive treatment, or if you feel that you are under imminent threat of receiving it, you may qualify to file a restraining order for domestic violence. 

A temporary restraining order affords you the time to obtain an injunction against your potential abuser. An injunction is a court order requiring one person to stop harming another and endures for a longer term than a temporary restraining order. The violent or threatening situation does not necessarily have to be domestic in order for you to obtain an injunction. For example, if you were in a dating relationship with someone who beat and/or sexually assaulted you, you may have grounds to seek an injunction even if you and the person you dated have never resided together. 

You can potentially obtain a restraining order against someone not related to you by either marriage or blood. For example, if you have a child in common with someone but the two of you have never married or lived together, you can still potentially file a restraining order if there is a history or an imminent threat of violence or abuse. Similarly, you can file a restraining order against someone who resides with you as if a family member, or who has done so in the past. 

Orders of protection, whether temporary or long term, afford you certain abilities to prevent future acts of abuse or violence against you. More information is available on our website.