Divorce dispute ends in shooting

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

Many in Hernando County may currently be experiencing domestic abuse at the hands of a spouse. Some might say that those in such situations should simply leave. Those suffering from such violence, however, may find that leaving is not as easy as many outsiders may think. A common element that often accompanies domestic violence is threats of escalating abuse of a victim ever tries to leave. Abusers will often direct such threats at the victims, their families and friends, or (worse yet) even their children. Thus, abuse victims live in fear that their is nothing that can be done to help free them from their marriages.

It may be easy to excuse such threats as just that, yet those who make them often have every intention to follow through with them. This may have been exactly what happened in a recent shooting that occurred outside of a police station in Mississippi. A man shot his estranged wife in the parking lot outside the station before turning the gun on himself. The wife had filed for divorce from him in February (the couple had been separated since December). She also had sought a protective order against him (as well as custody of their children) after he reportedly threw a glass at her. The husband died from his wounds; the wife remains hospitalized in critical condition.

While no direct threats were reported to have been made in this case, it may not be reasonable to assume that encounters that produce tragic results such as this one come as the result of previous threatening behavior. Those looking to escape from their abuse (and threats of abuse) may find a lawyer to be an excellent source of resources from which one can secure protection for themselves, their children and their loved ones.