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June 2019 Archives

Why new parents need an estate plan

If you and your spouse or partner have recently become new Florida parents, congratulations! Nothing surpasses the thrill and happiness of welcoming a new child into your family. But have you considered that along with the baby furniture, baby clothes, car seat, etc., you should now also have a new estate plan

When strategies to prevent foreclosure do not work

When people receive a foreclosure notice on their property in Florida, their first instinct is often to panic and feel hopelessness. While foreclosure is no casual issue, people do have the chance to stop the process in its tracks depending on how they handle their situation. Their ability to take a step back and assess their situation and what can be done to modify the outcome may allow them enough time and resources to change what happens. 

What should I consider when choosing a health care proxy?

Choosing the right health care proxy is just as important as having one in the first place. The person you choose must be willing to see your wishes through, even if they have a close personal connection with you. Because this decision is so important to your well-being, Forbes offers the following advice on selecting the right health care proxy. 

Who takes immediate possession of estate property?

The first question that many have after one passes away in Hernando County is "What next?" If you have been selected to serve as the personal representative or executor of a family member's or friend's estate, you might have the exact same inquiry. The important thing to remember is that your first order of business once the estate has been submitted to probate is taking an inventory of its assets. 

Detailing bankruptcy filing limits

A common misconception that many in Hernando County may have regarding bankruptcy is that the laws and regulations governing it are easily abused. By extension, the opinion that those same people have of those who file for bankruptcy is that they are simply overspenders looking to get away with not having to pay their bills. Yet in reality, many of those seeking bankruptcy protection are ordinary people who have seen unfortunate circumstances land them in some dire financial straits. As many know, such circumstances can arise multiple times during one's life. 

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