Alimony: the way to a fresh start

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Divorce |

It might be impossible to list all the reasons people get divorced. Some can be rather calm and civil – people realizing they just do not fit well anymore. In other situations, divorce might get ugly. Feeling hurt or angry, it is understandable why the last thing you might want is to remain associated or in contact with an ex after the divorce goes through. That emotional impulse may hurt you in the long run. We do not want you to dive into this without support. 

There can be a stigma about alimony. As if it were some parasitic loophole in divorce law. But the various types of alimony are laid out in Florida law because on a case by case basis, one spouse may not be able to earn as much as another after a divorce is final. They may need assistance for a time. It is a tool designed to help you if you cannot find your feet in the aftermath. You should not feel guilty for inquiring about it. 

Since every case is so particular to each, you can be entitled to spousal support that can help you establish security in the short term or assist you over a longer period as you develop skills to become self-sufficient. Divorce implies a break in your resource. If you are in a financial situation where you are supporting yourself or children and your future is threatened by that lack of resource, looking into alimony while the case is open may be for the best.

You do not need permission to ask for the fair spousal support you may deserve. This is your fresh start.