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What’s the difference between divorce and annulment?

While divorce and annulment are similar in the sense that they spell the end to a marriage, there are significant legal differences between the two. Understanding these differences is crucial if you believe you may qualify for an annulment, which entails meeting certain, usually rigid, criteria. offers the following information so you can determine whether an annulment is right for you.

Outlining a parenting coordinator's qualifications

The hope is that as divorcing parents work through child custody proceedings in Hernando County, they may put aside the personal differences and disagreements that might have contributed to their separation in order to come up with a parenting plan that is in their kids' best interests. Often, however, that is not possible, and in such cases, the court may be required to appoint a parenting coordinator. According to the Florida Bar Association, a parenting coordinator is an impartial third party tasked with helping separated parents work towards improving in the areas of communication, negotiation and problem-solving in order to best meet their children's needs. 

Tips on talking to your children about divorce

Parents in Hernando County often struggle with telling their children about impending divorce. Doing so in the correct manner is crucial however, for both preserving the well-being of your child as well as ensuring he or she maintains a healthy and loving relationship with your ex. offers the following advice in this case, which is highly useful to parents when breaking the news to their kids.

Tips on Coping With Divorce

For divorcing couples in Florida, handling the practical aspects might be just the tip of the iceberg. Coping with the emotional effects of divorce can be far more challenging for some people and can even get in the way of making reasonable decisions for both you as well as your family. Because it can be a stressful time for all involved, Psychology Today offers the following advice to people reeling in the aftermath of a divorce.

Relocating with your kids after your divorce

After your divorce, the things and places that you see in Hernando County may only serve to remind you of a previous chapter of your life that you now would like to move past. You may find that the best way to help you progress into the next stage of your life is to relocate. That becomes more difficult, however, if you and your ex-spouse share children together. Many have come to us here at Day Law in your same situation. Like them, you may be pleased to learn that the law does allow you to relocate (with your children) following your divorce. 

Divorce and mental health

For Floridians going through divorce, it can be difficult to spot the light at the end of a tunnel. It may take months -- and even years -- to notice that the closing of one door has resulted in the opening of many others. Regardless of the stage, divorce can have a number of different effects on family members. If children are in the picture, they can become the sole focus; while caring for each family member is important, maintaining self-care and preserving mental health should be a priority for everyone involved. 

What kind of records should I have for a divorce?

It may be typical of Hernando County marriages to have one spouse handle all the finances; traditionally, it has been the husband's role. Unfortunately, this puts wives at a disadvantage should yours be among the 50 percent of all U.S. marriages that don't survive. In marriage and divorce, it is crucial for women to take an active role in the household finances.

Getting divorced in Florida

"I want a divorce." Those words have been uttered by many who have come to see us here at The Day Law Firm. Most arrive thinking that everything after making that decision is a mere matter of formalities to be dealt with until they achieve what they are after. If you share the same assumptions, you might be somewhat discouraged to learn that it is not always that simple. While the law does not want to force you into staying in a marriage in which you are not happy, it does also recognizes that there may be situations where it is viewed as being best for all involved to encourage reconciliation. 

The power of the QDRO

Getting a divorce may not be what most people in Florida want to do at the start of a new year but for some, it may provide the fresh start for a better future that they need. If this happens, it will be important for spouses to be educated about the financial aspects of their divorce. The choices made during a settlement agreement may have implications that the average person is unaware of but that could have significant consequences that should be provided for up front.

January starts the divorce season

From mid November through New Year's Day, most people in Florida become very wrapped up in the holiday season. This also generally entails many family get-togethers and other celebrations associated with memories, emotions and hopes for the future. For couples who find themselves struggling in their marriages, this time of year can be a chance to see if they can fix their problems or it may be a time when they choose to gut through and discuss their options for a split once it is all over.

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