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Getting divorced in Florida

"I want a divorce." Those words have been uttered by many who have come to see us here at The Day Law Firm. Most arrive thinking that everything after making that decision is a mere matter of formalities to be dealt with until they achieve what they are after. If you share the same assumptions, you might be somewhat discouraged to learn that it is not always that simple. While the law does not want to force you into staying in a marriage in which you are not happy, it does also recognizes that there may be situations where it is viewed as being best for all involved to encourage reconciliation. 

The power of the QDRO

Getting a divorce may not be what most people in Florida want to do at the start of a new year but for some, it may provide the fresh start for a better future that they need. If this happens, it will be important for spouses to be educated about the financial aspects of their divorce. The choices made during a settlement agreement may have implications that the average person is unaware of but that could have significant consequences that should be provided for up front.

January starts the divorce season

From mid November through New Year's Day, most people in Florida become very wrapped up in the holiday season. This also generally entails many family get-togethers and other celebrations associated with memories, emotions and hopes for the future. For couples who find themselves struggling in their marriages, this time of year can be a chance to see if they can fix their problems or it may be a time when they choose to gut through and discuss their options for a split once it is all over.

What do I need to know about prenuptial agreements?

A prenuptial agreement, or, as it is referred to in the Florida Legislature’s Statutes, a premarital agreement, is the contract that you and your spouse agree upon and file with the courts prior to the legal union of marriage. It outlines the rights to any property brought into the marriage as well as the division and rights to assets that each of you may acquire while married.

Recovering from the mental exhaustion of divorce

Divorce is seldom a light topic, especially in regards to the toll it can take on those involved. Mental health often falls to the wayside while spouses tend to legal matters; as a result, anxiety, depression and burnout become constant reminders that life is not what it once was. It can be difficult to pinpoint psychological issues amidst months of paperwork and compromising, but there are signs Floridians can remain aware of when going through the mental and physical toils of divorce.

Child support payments and florida law

Despite the fact that Florida is home to countless happy spouses, divorce can become a reality of any marriage. Differences in lifestyles, income and philosophies often have a hand in a dissolving bond. While these preferences can clearly make marriage difficult, children are a common focus in such trying situations. In many cases, one parent is left primarily caring for a child when the other parent refuses to cooperate with child custody plans. 

Shared parenting may be the future of divorce

When many Florida residents think of divorce, lengthy court procedures commonly come to mind. As for divorcing spouses with children, these procedures can become even more of a challenge. Often, judges have difficulty determining a child's best interest, or those divorcing simply cannot come to a mutual agreement. Yet legal procedures are changing to better fit the needs of families involved, as there could be room for change regarding parents, their children and the types of custody they are granted. 

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