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Prevent domestic violence with an order of protection

We at The Day Law Office in Florida recognize that no one has the right to abuse you either physically, mentally or emotionally, not even if they are a family member, spouse or significant other. If you have received abusive treatment, or if you feel that you are under imminent threat of receiving it, you may qualify to file a restraining order for domestic violence. 

Dividing retirement assets during divorce

You work hard to fulfill your work-related responsibilities in Hernando County. For the most part, that effort is individual. Thus, you likely understand the surprise that many of those who come to see us here at the Day Law Office display when they learn that their work-sponsored retirement plans are considered marital property (and therefore subject to property division during divorce proceedings). If the funds placed into a retirement plan are only available due to your own efforts, why then would your soon-to-be ex-spouse have any claim to them? 

How can I cope with the post-holiday blues?

The end of the holidays can be a real let down. This is especially true of divorced parents in Florida, who may experience sadness at the end of the holidays, which could mean seeing kids less. In this case, there are steps you can take to combat the post-holiday blues and approach your life with renewed vigor. WebMD offers the following advice so you can do just that.

Understanding the disadvantages of permanent alimony

Divorcing couples in Florida often find themselves in a panic when they realize that they are now responsible for financing their expenses on their own without the help of their spouse. In many cases, courts require that alimony is paid in situations where a spouse spent considerable time at home raising children, is disabled or has not received an education. Depending on the situation and the negotiations that take place, this requirement for one person to pay each month for a portion of the other person's expenses may be temporary or it may be permanent. 

How can I handle a contentious divorce?

While divorce is rarely easy for couples in Florida, in some cases it can be extremely contentious. When marriages end because of infidelity or financial dishonesty, it can be hard for both parties to move on in a healthy manner. Psychology Today offers the following advice in this case, which can help you deal with the stress of a toxic divorce.

Terminating parental rights in Florida

The main goal of family court officials both in Hernando County and throughout the rest of Florida is to keep the family relationship intact. Having said that, there may be instances where it is believed to be the in best interests of a majority of those involved to terminate one's parental rights. Such a drastic step is often only viewed as a last resort, yet in some cases, parents may indeed believe it to be the best option to protect their children. 

Knowing when your child support obligation ends

Like most parents in Hernando County, you are likely willing to do anything to support your children. Thus, meeting your child support obligation may never even be an issue for you. At the same time, you probably hope to reach a point where you no longer have to pay it. Many come to us here at The Day Law Office wondering when the requirement to pay child support ends. As it is in your case, this question does not come from an unwillingness to pay, but rather the expectation that at some point, their children will be able to support themselves. 

Proving your ex-spouse is in a supportive relationship

Many in Hernando County might view you having to pay alimony to your ex-spouse as some form of punishment. Yet you may be fine with paying it provided that it helps him or her remain financially stable. Plus, you understand that if and when he or she remarries, your obligation will end. Yet what if he or she enters into a relationship yet fails to remarry just so he or she can keep receiving alimony? Such a scenario has faced many of those that we here at Day Law have worked with in the past. 

Does Florida afford grandparent visitation rights?

Your grandkids no doubt play a major part of your life in Hernando County. Yet what happens when your biological link to them (their parents, your children) is severed? You no doubt would want to remain a part of their lives. The question is does the law afford you that right? 

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