Making Sure Your Children Get The Support They Deserve

Family law child support obligations in Florida are determined by a statewide formula that takes into account factors affecting both parents, including earnings, living arrangements and time-sharing with the child, among other concerns. However, how the calculations are entered into the formula can make a significant difference in whether child support is awarded fairly.

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Questions about Florida child support? Read our child support FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions, or contact us for answers specific to your situation.

What Factors Go Into A Florida Child Support Determination?

Child support, which helps ensure that both parents contribute financially to their children’s care, is typically required in all parental responsibility cases in Florida. Spouses can negotiate a child support agreement but it must be approved by a judge. If a judge determines the child support amount, he or she will calculate it based on Florida’s standard formula.

Under Florida law, the child support amount can deviate plus or minus 5 percent from the guideline amount after all relevant factors are considered, including the needs of the children, their ages, the family’s station in life, their standard of living, and the financial status and ability of each parent.

An experienced child custody attorney can help ensure that the proper amounts are entered into the formula. A skilled attorney can also help mitigate the tax consequences of a child support order. Our attorneys will help take you through the child support process and ensure you get the best settlement.

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