Knowledgeable Divorce Lawyers For Complex Assets

If you are a married couple in Florida with a high net worth and considering divorce, your final decree handed down by the judge may affect your financial future for years to come — or forever.

Talk to an attorney at The Day Law Office, in Spring Hill. We represent high net worth couples in complex property distribution divorces in Hernando County and courtrooms throughout the Florida Central Gulf Coast region.

There Are Different Considerations In A High Asset Divorce

When a couple with significant assets goes through a divorce, there are often many complex issues that come into play such as hidden assets, business valuation or a spouse’s withholding of funds upon separation.

Other factors to consider include:

  • The divorce won’t just affect your assets
  • There will be complex tax implications
  • Spousal support, if awarded, will be based on many factors
  • Every aspect of the divorce will be more complicated

The Day Law Office is well-equipped to handle the most complicated aspects of your high-asset divorce, including looking for hidden assets, subpoenaing records, valuing businesses, and requesting depositions or pretrial hearings.

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