What Factors Are Considered When Awarding Alimony In Florida?

In many marriages, one spouse maintains the home and is the children’s primary caregiver while the other spouse works for an income. This arrangement may have worked as long as you and your spouse were together. Now that you are getting divorced, the spouse who did not earn an income may need financial support in the short term and for years to come.

Our experienced attorneys at The Day Law Office have each practiced law in Florida for more than 20 years. Our Hernando County law firm is prepared to listen to your concerns, explain how alimony law applies to your situation and resolve your conflict in a way that’s beneficial to you. Whether you are seeking spousal support in your divorce or your spouse is seeking it from you, our talented attorneys can help.

Factors In Alimony Cases

There are many factors to consider when a divorcing spouse requests alimony in Florida, including:

  • Each party’s work history
  • Their education, training and overall ability to earn an income
  • Their assets and ability to support themselves financially
  • Their age and health

A divorced person with little work history or training will struggle to find a job with sufficient income. Spousal support gives them time to prepare themselves for work or make other arrangements. In rare cases, permanent alimony may be possible. However, the level of alimony must be reasonable and within the other party’s ability to pay.

At The Day Law Office, our attorneys negotiate aggressively on your behalf based on the facts; and if a fair settlement is not possible, we will go to court to make your case before the judge. As your divorce attorneys, we will collaborate on a solution that makes sure you are financially stable for the long term.

Let Us Help You End Your Spousal Support Conflict

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