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Following the death of a loved one, you may be facing a series of probate matters related to the legal transfer of assets to family members, heirs and beneficiaries. This may especially be true if your loved one left no updated valid will, or the will is being challenged. While the probate process is relatively simple when a will is in place, some estates still end up going through probate court for adjudication on certain matters.

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A Special Note About Florida Homestead Laws

The state statutes covering homestead real estate laws are among the strongest in the country. Your homestead is protected against creditor claims in bankruptcy. If you are a beneficiary, homestead property will pass to family members. Estate holders owning title to one-half acre of property or less in a municipality may not be forced to sell their property to pay off a debt owed.

If you have received title to a property through the distribution of a decedent’s assets in a will, call us to make sure you are protected from forced liquidation. There are legal steps that must be taken to ensure your property is protected by the Florida Homestead Act.

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