Get A Fresh Start To Life After Bankruptcy

You’ve probably heard the dire predictions and myths spread by credit card companies, collections agencies and banks: After filing bankruptcy, your life will be ruined forever.

At The Day Law Office, in Spring Hill, Florida, we work with individuals and families in Hernando County and the surrounding communities every day, helping them break free of the heavy burden of debt*. We do not advise anyone to file if it truly isn’t right for them. We also reassure them that, if they need to file, their financial futures will be fine — as long as they don’t fall back into heavy debt and pay their bills on time.

Let Our Bankruptcy Lawyers Explain The Truth About Bankruptcy

Yes, you will suffer some fallout to your credit score. There are tricks to help you start building up your creditworthiness right away, and we’ll teach them to you. Within about a year, you will already get approved for certain types of loans, such as a used car, perhaps, but you will pay higher interest. Make your payments on time and your credit score will start reflecting that you are a much better risk AFTER bankruptcy than you were while you were juggling credit card payments every month.

Our Attorneys Will Show You Your Options

Whether you need to file Chapter 7 to eliminate your credit card debts or want to explore other debt-relief options, we can help. We will listen to your concerns, and educate you regarding the different options, as well as your benefits and disadvantages. If you decide that bankruptcy is right for you, we will guide you through the process every step of the way. In about 90 days, in most Chapter 7 cases, you can be looking at a fresh start every morning.

Don’t Believe The Horror Stories. Bankruptcy May Be Your Fresh Start.

Filing for bankruptcy is not the end of the road. It can be a new beginning. Many people suffer from the misconception that once you file for bankruptcy, it will completely ruin your credit and that you will be blacklisted from receiving any kind of loan for seven to 10 years. Our personal experience is that this is simply not true.

The truth is that filing for bankruptcy can help build credit. In many cases, your credit score will begin improving shortly after you have filed for bankruptcy. We are often stopped by our former clients on the street with news that they have just purchased a house or a car, or obtained a credit card — sometimes after as little as three months.

The improvement in your credit score will vary greatly depending on your individual circumstances, however. It may be as much as a year before you start to see substantial improvement.

Learn the difference between bankruptcy myth and reality at our Misinformation And Truth page.

Start By Discussing Your Debt Problem With One Of Our Lawyers

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*We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.