What age should people create a will?

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A surprising number of American citizens lack a will, a crucial document people need to have upon their deaths. In fact, an article from Forbes states that 62 percent of Americans between the ages of 45 and 54 do not have a will. 

No one likes the idea of writing a will, but it is important to do so. Upon dying, a will states which assets go to which people. To protect loved ones, people need to have a will in place or else it will be up to the state to decide. Here is an important reminder: people are never too young to write a will. 

The recommended age to write a will

Honestly, people as young as 18 should consider crafting a will. It can be scary to think about death that young, but it is vital to remain prepared. However, if an 18-year-old does not feel ready to have a will, then it would be advantageous to keep a few checkpoints in mind. 

Times to look at a will

Most 18-year-olds do not have a will because they do not have a lot of property to divide among loved ones in the event of an untimely death. However, as people get older, they acquire more assets. This leads to an increasing urgency to develop a will. 

For example, after a person marries, he or she may feel more compelled to have a will so that assets are left to the spouse. People should also review wills after having a child. Going through a divorce, buying a home or starting a business are also good times to speak with an attorney. 

Another good rule of thumb is to look at a will once every five years. Even if nothing significant took place, it is simply beneficial to look over the will once in awhile to make sure everything is satisfactory.