3 reasons to consider a living will

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No one wants to spend much time thinking about the end of his or her life, but you should seriously consider getting a living will. A living will can lay out your medical wishes if you get sick or in an accident that leaves you in a vegetative state. For example, it can specify whether you want your family to keep you alive via artificial respiration or not.

This is just one of the many advantages of setting up a living will. Here is a look at all the ways you can benefit from writing up this document with the help of an attorney.

1. Avoid family conflicts

If you ever become too injured or ill to communicate your medical wishes, your family may start arguing. If you did not choose anyone in your family as your health care proxy, your family members may disagree about what your doctor should do. Having a living will in place can sidestep this conflict because it will clearly state your wishes.

2. Save medical costs

Medical care is costly, even if you have insurance. If you would rather your family not keep you alive in this type of situation but you do not have a living will stating so, they could keep you alive anyway. According to U.S. News’ piece on living wills, this can result in unnecessary medical expenses for your family. 

3. Give you peace of mind

Perhaps most importantly, a living will gives you confidence that you will receive medical care exactly how you want. You might consider some forms of treatment or medical procedures objectionable. No matter what your age is now, you will be thankful your family will follow your health care desires. 

Creating a living will is easy and does not take much time at all. With all the advantages of making one, you should seriously consider it. Talk to an estate planning attorney if you want to make one.