Unwanted heirlooms? Consider having an estate sale

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2019 | Estate Planning, Firm News |

Not all inheritances are needed or wanted, as we at The Day Law Office are aware. If, like many Florida residents after the death of their parents, you find yourself with possessions you have no room or need for, you may feel guilty even thinking about donating or throwing away these items. Fortunately, there may be a better way to unload the unnecessary personal items that you inherited, and to benefit from it as well.

Estate sales are often held for this purpose, as HowStuffWorks explains. You may have seen estate sales advertised in your local paper or online, but you never knew what they were. Rather than holding a yard or garage sale, people who have estate sales are selling items they inherited from deceased loved ones in a more professional, organized manner.

Usually, an estate sale is managed by a professional estate sale agent or auctioneer. This person prices and organizes the items for sale, directs buyers through the home, manages transactions and cleans up after the event is over. This is an excellent way to ensure your parents’ former possessions are handled respectfully and that they go to new owners who will appreciate them as you would wish.

There are many steps to go through after the death of a loved one, as our page on wills and probate explains. You may not expect one of them to include letting go of your parents’ possessions. Involving a professional during an estate sale can make this difficult period a little easier to get through.