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On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Personal Bankruptcy |

Many people in Florida are struggling financially. From unexpected medical bills to overwhelming mortgage or rent payments, debt and financial hardship are not uncommon today and many people are seeking bankruptcy for relief from their overwhelming debt.

There is good news for these people: bankruptcy courts in the Middle District of Florida are open.

What does this mean?

Early in the pandemic, people were unsure whether they could still file for bankruptcy in Florida. Many were left wondering whether they could seek the financial relief they needed. The short answer is: Yes. The bankruptcy courts in the Middle District of Florida are open and being flooded with petitions.

At The Day Law Office, we can help people recover from their debt and get a fresh start through bankruptcy. We understand the pressures and concerns you are facing from financial hardship and are ready to begin helping you resolve these issues so you can move forward. Filing for bankruptcy has helped countless families handle their debt and relieve the burden of their finances.

Filing for bankruptcy can help people in a variety of ways by discharging or restructuring certain debts, implementing the automatic stay to halt certain collections and preventing foreclosure in some cases. Additionally, bankruptcy trustees in the Middle District of Florida are not going after stimulus checks, meaning you will most likely be able to keep these payments.

What should I do?

If you are struggling with overwhelming debt and think bankruptcy could help you, talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney. We are anticipating many new cases with the opening of the bankruptcy courts and are ready to help you and your family recover from your debt through bankruptcy. Hearings will be telephonic from now until at least the end of the year.