Child support payments and florida law

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Despite the fact that Florida is home to countless happy spouses, divorce can become a reality of any marriage. Differences in lifestyles, income and philosophies often have a hand in a dissolving bond. While these preferences can clearly make marriage difficult, children are a common focus in such trying situations. In many cases, one parent is left primarily caring for a child when the other parent refuses to cooperate with child custody plans. 

ABC Action News reminds Floridians that child custody battles are hardly a problem of the past. In fact, countless parents in the state struggle with delinquent child support payments as a result of an uncooperative ex-spouse. In addition to the report of a Florida mother who has not received support payments in 25 years, ABC points out that there are a plethora of other parents living in similar situations. According to ABC, over 2,800 parents in Florida currently owe more $100,000 or more in arrears. These number do not merely add up, either; under federal law, failure to pay child support for a child who lives in another state for more than a year is a crime. 

Child support is clearly no light topic in the state of Florida. The Florida Department of Revenue provides resources on the child support process, as well as informative outlines of specific plans. The Child Support Program may establish child support obligations administratively, and the Department reminds the public that these child support obligations hold the same force and effect as court orders. While the Child Support Program may help parents modify payment plans, avoidance of child support payments can result in serious legal consequences. The program also partners with other state child support agencies to ensure payments when one parent lives in another state.