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Ending alimony due to cohabitation

Alimony can help one transition in their post-divorce life in Spring Hill, yet it is typically not meant to be a source of assistance that lasts forever. The hope is that at some point, those receiving it will no longer need their ex-spouse's support.  They may reach...

What is stepparent adoption?

Becoming a stepparent is a tough job. This is especially true if the child's other parent is not a strong presence in his or her life. For example, if you marry the child's mother and the child's father is not in the child's life, you become the father figure....

How can I handle a contentious divorce?

While divorce is rarely easy for couples in Florida, in some cases it can be extremely contentious. When marriages end because of infidelity or financial dishonesty, it can be hard for both parties to move on in a healthy manner. Psychology Today offers the following...