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Can my ex move with the kids?

Losing day-to-day contact with their children is a big fear for many parents who divorce. It becomes even more devastating if the coparent announces that they want to move to a different town, state or country at some point after the divorce is final. Divorce...

Alimony: the way to a fresh start

It might be impossible to list all the reasons people get divorced. Some can be rather calm and civil – people realizing they just do not fit well anymore. In other situations, divorce might get ugly. Feeling hurt or angry, it is understandable why the last thing you...

Dividing up a 401K in a divorce

One typically goes into divorce proceedings in Spring Hill understanding that they will be required to divide many of their personal assets with their soon-to-be ex-spouse. Yet one asset they may not yet be prepared to part with is a portion of their 401K. Many people...