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Divorce dispute ends in shooting

Many in Hernando County may currently be experiencing domestic abuse at the hands of a spouse. Some might say that those in such situations should simply leave. Those suffering from such violence, however, may find that leaving is not as easy as many outsiders may think. A common element that often accompanies domestic violence is threats of escalating abuse of a victim ever tries to leave. Abusers will often direct such threats at the victims, their families and friends, or (worse yet) even their children. Thus, abuse victims live in fear that their is nothing that can be done to help free them from their marriages. 

Who gets the pet after a divorce?

Pets are like beloved members of the family to most people. That’s why deciding who gets custody of the pets after a divorce can be so emotionally trying. It’s best for you and your ex to come to an agreement on your own, and PetMD offers the following information on how to do so.

Splitting up or paying off debt when you divorce

Couples in Florida who get separated and plan to divorce know they will have to go through the process of splitting up their assets. In addition, they will also have to decide how to split up any joint debt. This may not always be an easy task, especially if the couple may be in need of serious debt relief help such as via a bankruptcy. Understanding how debt is viewed during and after a divorce is important prior to making any final decisions.

Is your ex-spouse a Disneyland parent?

If you have children with your ex-spouse, then your divorce in Hernando County is hardly the end of your association. You must continue to work together in the raising of your kids. When parents divorce, the temptation is ever-present to be known as "the fun parent." While you want your children to enjoy their time with you, order and discipline also must be maintained. If you are finding that you are the one enforcing rules and expectations while you ex-spouse lets your kids do whatever they want during their custody time, then you have a "Disneyland Parent" on your hands. 

Couple finalizes divorce via social media app

The concepts of marriage and divorce in Hernando County remain the same; it may instead be the complications that couples experience that have changed. As technology essentially makes the world smaller, people are allowed to engage with each other socially in ways totally different than those witnessed 50, 25 or even 10 years ago. Should it come as a shock, then, that divorce proceedings have also been affected by technology. Where legal requirements used to slow proceedings down due to limited access to records, lack of electronic resources and even participant availability, new technologies may actually serve to facilitate cases being resolved more quickly. 

Maintaining a strong relationship with your kids after divorce

For any couple working through a divorce, daily life can be tough and there could be a considerable amount of uncertainty. However, parents often have an especially hard time when their marriage is coming to an end. Not only do some worry about child support and how their life will change financially (raising children can be incredibly expensive, of course), but some are completely unsure of how custody will be split up or whether they will even be able to visit their children after the divorce is finalized.

Divorce during a midlife crisis

With respect to divorce, a midlife crisis may have an impact on this decision and a person’s experience in many ways. For example, some people may decide to end their marriage as a direct result of a midlife crisis they are going through and certain realizations or changes of heart that have arisen due to this difficult time in life. For others, divorce may bring on such a crisis. For example, someone may find themselves in this position after their spouse announced unexpectedly that they were filing for divorce.

Can my spouse keep the house?

The desire to keep a family home after getting divorced is not uncommon and is certainly understandable, especially if children are still living at home. If you are getting divorced in Florida and your spouse wants to keep your house to maintain stability for your kids, there are some things you should know so that you can protect yourself in the process.

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