Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Child Support

It goes without saying that you do not want your children to go without necessities or the comforts of life just because you no longer live with their other parent. Neither do we.

If you have questions about how child support works in Florida, The Day Law Office is here to help. Our attorneys, Sandra Day and David Day, have five decades of combined experience and work together on their cases to ensure the best outcome for their clients. They have seen countless child support scenarios and are prepared to help you resolve your situation correctly.

Read on to learn the answers to some of the most common questions we get about child support:

How Much Will The Child Support Order Be?

Florida does not have cookie-cutter child support rates. The law asks the parties to consider several relevant factors such as each parent’s income and financial resources, the number of children involved, and their child care and health care costs.

I’m Not Sure I Am The Birth Father. What Should I Do?

For cases where a child’s paternity is unclear, we recommend obtaining a paternity test. You should take action as soon as possible — before the court issues an order requiring you to pay child support, if you can. Once you are obligated to pay support, it can be difficult to arrange a paternity test.

Does Child Support Stay The Same Amount Forever?

It does not have to. As time passes and circumstances change, you can ask your co-parent to raise or reduce the level of child support. Negotiation is often possible, but in other cases, the parties will take the dispute to court to let the judge decide. Whether you are trying to modify child support or your co-parent is, you need a competent and experienced family law attorney to advise and represent you.

Have More Questions About Child Support?

Since 2000, we have been helping clients throughout Hernando County on Florida’s Nature Coast resolve complex issues relating to child support. We want to make sure you and your children are well-positioned to make the best fresh start possible after a divorce.

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